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May 2016

Heidi Happy Home Update

1 year ago today we had the privilege to bring home this little terror. She has destroyed the house, the furniture and ripped up the backyard – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Heidi quickly became one of the family – bringing us up to 3 dogs 💛💛 happy gotcha day Heidi (formerly Dusty). Thursday, June 2, 2016


Pepper is a 3 year old Blue Heeler Cross Staffy who doesn’t get along with the Terrier at her current home. . She is good with people, but best with a home where she is the only pet. An owner who has experience with American Staffordshire is preferred. . Pepper is very placid and compliant when she is handled. She relaxes immediately when dominated and does as she is told. . If you are interested in foster caring or adopting Pepper, please message our facebook page or contact us on 8362 0056 or send an email to All dogs start out on a 14-day trial period. Adoption fees are to be paid in full when dog is collected for their trial. If for any reason the trial doesn’t work out, the dog can be returned and your adoption fee will be refunded less the administration fee (specified on adoption contract, varies per dog). Adoption fees are only returned via bank transfer. We will welcome any of our dogs back into our care at any stage of their life however adoption fees will only be returned during the trial period. Back to Dogs Adopted Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dune & Liam

Liam is a friendly and loving 6 month old boy, who is always keen on getting lots of pats. He can get very playful and loves running behind curtains and scaring Dune.Dune is a 7 month old girl who is shy and quiet at first, but with time and patience she enjoys a good pat and purrs like a machine when she’s getting attention. Dune loves playing with anything that dangles, especially tassels and trying to chase Liam’s tail. Liam and Dune have been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and wormed treated and are ready to go to their new fur-ever home together for $180. If you would like to meet the duo, please don’t hesitate to message our FB page or email us at or call us on 8362 0056 Back to Cats Adopted Sunday, August 7, 2016

Meet Lilly!

Hi, my names Lilly, but everyone calls me lil bug and Lilly Bug because I am as snug as a bug in a rug… well i use my humans as rugs, and couches, and pillows… you name it, ill be cuddling you somehow. . When I was found, I was only very very little, but I had a huge belly. It was full of worms and other nasties. Back then I could only sleep on my side, and I would still squeek because it hurt. . My foster mummy helped me, and that’s why I love to sleep all over her now. I also had a bad tummy bug that made me poo a lot, so I couldn’t put on any weight. My doctor knew what was wrong and helped my foster mummy nurse me back to health. . Now that I am all healthy and playful again, I cant wait to find my forever mummy or daddy! . I love to play, and I don’t even bite or use my nails! I also love to purr, I can’t help it, I just love humans so much. . I have two foster brother cars who I love to play with, …

Walter – Happy Home Update

We adopted Walter a week and a half ago and he is settling into his new home wonderfully! He has already claimed a chair, found his favourite spot by the window where he can watch the neighbours coming and going, and taught us his routine meow to indicate that it’s time to go to bed so that he can sleep on our legs. Loving our new man! Thank you so much Paws & Claws! Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Charlie & Sassy

Charlie-James has white shorthair with four white paws and a white nose. I am very handsome boy! Sassy is female black and white with just enough attitude to please. Charlie-James and Sassy are 7 months old, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated. Their adoption fee together is ONLY $150. . If you would like to meet them, please don’t hesitate to message our FB pages, email us at or call us on 8362 0056 Back to Cats Adopted Sunday, June 19, 2016

Can You Help Foster?

*** ⭐️💖 CAN YOU HELP US? 💖⭐️***** . WE URGENTLY NEED FOSTER CARERS – FOR CATS and/or DOGS. . If think you can help foster please don’t hesitate to download a form and email it through. Any questions feel free to call 8362 0056 . . Feedback from foster carers: . “It was great how you were all so prompt with providing supplies and any advice or help when needed. Very professional and amazing work for volunteers taking time out of their busy lives! Thanks for all of your help!” . “Thanks for the support. It was a great first foster care experience.” Sunday, May 22, 2016


Paws & Claws Adoptions is a small self-funded volunteer group located in South Australia who are dedicated to caring for and finding furever homes for abandoned and surrendered animals. If you can help us out with a donations no matter how small, it is very much appreciated and will help our cause! Saturday, May 21, 2016


Oscar is one of those dogs, who knows more than he lets on, he understands sit, stay and down, but delightfully chooses to ignore them. One look of those huge eyes, and all is forgiven, which is why he gets away with so much. This delightful young man has come to us due to some minor behavioural issues that led his family to decide he would be better suited in a different environment. These issues will be fully disclosed to any potential adopters. He is a sweet and charming young man, who relies heavily on his owner for a sense of security, as he suffers very mild separation anxiety, so would suit someone who is home a lot of the time, or someone who has another small dog for a companion. Due to a bad experience, Oscar does not react well with larger dogs. Oscar cannot be rehomed with small animals (Guinea Pigs, Rabbits or Chooks). AGE: 4 years 1 month BREED: Maltese X Shih-Tzu VETWORK: Desexed, Microchipped & Vaccinated ADOPTION FEE: $450.00 If you would like to meet him or would like more information please message our facebook page or contact us on 8362 0056 or send an email …

Sergeant Fuzzyboots

MEET SERGEANT FUZZYBOOTS! . She’s the fluffiest most adorable little 7mth old kitten who loves cuddles and playing with her toys. . She has a very playful personality and loves to be around her humans. . She’s been desexed, vaccinated, flea and wormed and is all ready to go to her new ‘furever’ home for an adoption fee of $120. . If you would like to meet Fuzzyboots, please don’t hesitate to message our FB page or email us at or call us on 8362 0056. Back to Cats for Adopted Sunday, June 19, 2016