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July 2016

Alby Happy Home Update

Happy home update I’d like to wish our baby boy, Alby Alvin Lane, a happy 1st birthday for today. He is a pleasure to have and is always surprising us on a daily basis. He has grown so much since we have had him here with us (I will put a photo of Alby when we first got him in October last year in the comments as this post will only allow me to post one photo). Thank you for allowing us to adopt him 💜💚💙 Friday, July 29, 2016


This beautiful 10 week old girl is looking for her furever home. After coming from a property half stray, Pickle, along with her brothers Milo and Pumpkin, she spent time with her carer being socialized and spoiled and is now a friendly, social butterfly who will climb up your leg for cuddles. Along with her love for cuddles, Pickle also loves to chase her brothers around and play with all her toys. Pickle is good with cats and kittens and excellent with dogs, and she will be an amazing friend for a child or for anyone just looking for some furry cuddles. Pickle is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated, and her adoption fee is $220. If you would like to meet Pickle, please don’t hesitate to message our FB page or email us at or call us on 8362 0056 Back to Cats for Adoption Friday, August 5, 2016

Bell Happy Home Update

It’s been a year ago today that I adopted Bell from you. She has been so much fun and such a joy. Though she does demand belly rubs and cuddles. She has adjusted to life with me very quickly and I now can’t imagine my life without her. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to adopt her. Totally love her to bits. Here are some photos of her. She loves going up to the farm and also has fun helping change the bed. Monday, July 25, 2016


Claude is an 9 month old medium hair kitten with a playful nature. He loves nothing more than to soccer a ball around the house. He loves dogs that are cat friendly and gets on well with other cats. Claude came into care a very scared & anxious kitten, but over time in a supportive foster home the anxiety is diminishing. His forever home needs to be a caring and patient environment, with either another cat or a cat friendly dog. Due to his anxiety he wouldn’t suit a home with young children, he needs a quiet environment to help continue to evolve his loving nature. Claude is desexed, vacc, chipped, flea and worm treated. His adoption fee is $120. If you would like to meet him, please don’t hesitate to message our FB page or email us at or call us on 8362 0056 Back to Cats Adopted Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Angel Happy Home Update

Angel update. My beautiful girl is the most adorable cat I have ever come across, makes me laugh everyday. Biggest smooch and loves cuddles. Thanks for allowing me to adopt her! Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Snowflake & Alby Happy Home Update

Happy 1st birthday to my little girl, Snowflake, today (he friend, Alby, who she has adopted as her brother turns 1 in a fortnights time). We adopted both of them, on the same day, in October last year. We are so very thankful for the love that these 2 good us and will be forever thankful for the pain that they helped to ease when we lost our 10 year old girl, Shazba, in September last year. Just wanted to say thank you xx Monday, July 18, 2016


Ladies & gentleman, Introducing Thoroughly Modern Millie. The lovely Miss Millie is a highly affectionate and proper young lady. Millie loves a cuddle with her humans, and will rub against you for a pat and a scratch between the ears. A proper Lady, Millie insists that there are none of those….”Dogs” in the house. Why you would allow those creatures in her presence she will never know! Millie will tolerate other cats, however would truly prefer to be the one and only, and the focus of all your attention. Millie has been desexed, Microchipped & Vaccinated, as well as Flea & Worm treated. Millie is approximately 23 weeks old Her Adoption Fee is $180 If you would like to her, please message our facebook page or call us on 83620056 or send an email to Back to Cats Adopted Saturday, September 3, 2016


MEET PUMPKIN Pumpkin is a soft, sweet & cuddly 8 week old boy who takes a while to warm up to his new human, after which he will the biggest cuddly purring machine ever. He will climb up your leg for cuddles, and sit on your shoulder while he purs and sticks his butt in your face, and then jump down and chase after his brother and sister. Pumpkin will need at least two weeks to settle in before he feels safe and comfortable around you, and you won’t regret waiting once he does. He loves to play, you will hear him at all hours of day or night, pushing his ball around in his toy, or chasing some dust. And when he is ready, he will climp up on your lap and have a nap. Pumpkin is scared of dogs, however with a gentle, qiet dog I think he will come around, with time. Pumpkin is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and his adoption fee is $250. If you would like to meet Pumpkin, please message our facebook page or call us on 83620056 or send an email to Back to Cats for Adoption Friday, August …


MEET MILO Milo is, just like his brother Pumpkin, a purry cuddle machine, with just a bit more play in him. Milo will love you from day one, he is a little bit shy but also outgoing, he will be the first to dart out of a door just to see what’s on the other side, always initiating play and attacking your feet as you walk around, he will do a flying leap from whatever furniture he is standing on just so he can climb up your body for cuddles. He loves his toys and will chase anyrhing you throw, sometimes he’ll even bring it back, but he loves his cuddles too, he will love you if you have a soft blanket he can lay on, and he loves to ‘wool suck’ a soft blanket or jumper while he purrs and kneads, in his happy place. Milo is great with a gentle dog, he is often caught purring and rubbing against his doggy foster brother Tye. Milo is desexed, vaccinated, flea and worm treated and ready to find his ‘furever’ home for $250. If you would like to meet Milo, please message our facebook page or call us on 83620056 …

Petal & Immy

MEET PETAL & IMMYThese two beautiful, loving cats are together all the time and look forward to seeing you and rub themselves against you constantly when you are around. Petal is purring when you pat her and she pushes her head into your hand for attention. She enjoys playing with a few toys and looks to help her friend Immy when she can. Immy like Petal likes playing with toys, but is a little unsure of some things as she has some sight issues. She is very affectionate and waits for her foster family to come to her and makes a few noises for attention and has a slight purr starting. Petal and Immy are not shy or timid. They have been with a 10 week old kitten who chases their tails and likes to pounce on them. They have both been introduced to the family dog (a moodle) who is very playful. They were not too sure at first and hissed a little at the dog, but now they sit and watch her play all day and occasionally rub noses through the cage. Petal is just over a year old and Immy is almost a year and a half …