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Karen George

Harriet’s Diary, Thursday 18/12/2015

Dear Diary – it’s been a little while since my last entry. I’m still hanging out in my foster carer’s hideaway but occasionally, as you can see, I am distracted by the sudden appearance of a smaller version of myself. I believe these aliens are called kittens and that I was one once, but of course that was some time ago. Though I must admit I never remember being quite that silly. There are a few kittens here and I’m keen for them to find some homes so they stop bothering me. I think that I might be ready to find a home too soon, but I need somewhere a little quieter with none of these little aliens running around disturbing my morning nap. Can you help me out by adopting one of these little critters?  I received a text message from William this morning to say that there are also a lot of these furry things at the Centre disturbing him, so he’s keen for you to adopt a few too. Friday, December 18, 2015

Harriet’s Diary – Thursday 10/12/2015

Dear Diary – I thought you might like to see some photos of where I’m hanging out these days. As you can see, I am tasting a few varieties of nibbles in preparation for a house-warming party. Not sure I’ll invite anyone but the humans though. Still not too keen on those kittens running about. Perhaps someone will adopt them this weekend?  Did you see the photos of all my mates at the Centre. I really wish someone would adopt them, especially the timid ones. I was pretty timid when I first arrived here, but now I’m quite happy for a smoochy head and body rub. Still don’t do laps though – you never know whose been there before you, do you?  Anyway – cheers for now, going to check out this scratchy pole thing. Thursday, December 10, 2015