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Meet Vanellope, A snuggly little affectionate girl who is looking for her forever home! It’s every foster carers dream to have a kitty like Vanellope, who loves being around humans just as much as she loves other animals. While many of her siblings preferred the company of their mum at a young age, Vanellope could be found milk drunk cuddling up in her carers lap and couldn’t wait until the moment they would meet again. When new human friends come over, she is the first to nibble at their feet and jump into their handbags (she really is eager to go home with someone!) Vanellope’s drug of choice is connection, so it’s important that her new family have plenty of love to give. She loves dogs and other cats, and would love a sibling in her new home. Vanellope is currently in care with her sister Felix, who she would LOVE to be adopted with, so preference will go to those applying for both. Vanellope is looking for a strictly indoor only home. She is 15 weeks old and is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Vanellope is with her foster carer at West Beach. Her adoption fee is $190. If you …


🐾 Oreo is available to meet with at Blakeview and will NOT be at MeowMe Cat Cafe 🐾 Introducing Oreo. Everyone’s favourite bite sized cookie filled with delicious white cream icing in the middle, sounds good doesn’t it?! I could go for one right now. What a sweet snack, I can understand why my foster mum named me after them now. Oh I’m getting hungry! Nom. Pleased to meet you, my name is Oreo and as my foster mum would like to describe me, I’m a sweet little lady with a bit of white icing. I’m 9 months old but don’t let that stop you! I can still zoom up and down the stairs and run rings around you. I love a good cuddle and chin scratch. You’ll find me curled up at the end of your bed just so I can be near you. I will let you know I can be a bit shy at first but give me 36 hours and I’ll warm right up to you! My foster mum says I have a bit of a funny meow and make some interesting noises but its sure to make you laugh! I get along with other kitties …


Inka is a very sweet 10 week old fluffy boy! He was one of the quietest out of his litter of 4 but since his 3 brothers have been adopted he has really come out of his shell! He has a great motor on him and once he is comfortable with you he will purr as soon as being patted or played with. He has been around other kittens, cats, dogs and children. He has coped very well with all of these, generally being a bit nervous at first but warms up very quickly. Inka is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated. He is now just waiting for his forever home, where he can be a spoilt indoor/cat run only kitty. Currently living in foster care in Glengowrie. Inka’s adoption fee is $190. If you would like to express your interest in Inka, please fill in an application using the link below: For more information, please message our Facebook page, contact us on 0416 364 228 or send an email to SA Breeder DACO110502 Back to Cats for Adoption Friday, January 15, 2021

Blu Happy Home Update

💕🐾🐱Happy Homes Update Blu🐱🐾💕 Blu has fit right in and is a giant sook. Thanks for the adoption. They are obsessed with each other, they now sleep together and the cat is under the blankets. I think its safe to say they are both grateful for our decision Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Penny Happy Home Update

💕🐾🐱Happy Homes Update Penny (formally Maz)🐱🐾💕 Hi there, just wanted to send an update of the beautiful kitten we adopted from you in June. Formally known as Maz, Penny has settled into our family perfectly. We absolutely adore her and her lovely little personality. She loves her cuddles, is very playful and thoroughly enjoys splashing around in the water. We wanted to send a huge thank you and we will always be grateful for your organisation and the hard work you all put into the amazing pets. Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Salem Happy Home Update

💕🐾🐱Happy Homes update Salem (formally Smokie) 🐱🐾💕 Hi there, just sending you a happy home update about Salem, formerly known as Smokie. He is doing extremely well, he loves his food and adores his little sister Luna, they play and cuddle together. He still has a bit to go, but he has recently started hopping up onto the lounge and chilling with Luna and I and loves his butt scratches! He has come along leaps and bounds and spends his days watching the world go by through the window or chilling on the cat tower or running around like crazy with Luna! Thank you for bringing this sweet boy into our lives, I lost my cat Arnie to FIP and I was traumatised and Luna would cry all the time for her big brother. I still cry over Arnie, each of our fur babies are irreplaceable and secure their own little place in our hearts, but when I heard about Salem and his past, I wanted to give him a home. He reminds me of my Arnie Boy, for he too was a gentle giant. It has taken baby steps and endless patience to win this boys trust, but seeing …

Poppy and Patch Happy Home Update

💕🐾🐱Happy Homes update Poppy and Patch 🐱🐾💕 Poppy and Patch aka Donald and Amidala happily settled two months later. Poppy has come out of her shell and is very loving now, I think Patch helped with that a lot Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Mal & Bee Happy Home Update

💕🐾🐱Happy Homes Update Mal & Bee (aka Salt & Terry)🐱🐾💕 Mal has finally had a massive growth spurt and is so big now! Wednesday, October 28, 2020

People’s Choice Community Lottery

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Zookie Happy Home Update

💕🐾🐱HAPPY HOMES UPDATE ZOOKIE🐱🐾💕 Zookie, formally Jack, has settled into his home exceptionally well. He’s such a loving boy with a very distinct personality. He is very fiesty during playtime then loves a good stretch out on the couch. We are totally smitten with this gorgeous kitten. Thank you for making the process so simple. Some pics of what Zookie has been up to! Wednesday, October 14, 2020