Committee Roles

Paws & Claws Adoptions Inc.
Summary of Committee Roles

Paws & Claws Adoptions is a small non-for-profit, volunteer run organisation dedicated to rescuing and re-homing cats and dogs in South Australia.

The rescue work and reputation Paws & Claws has within the community is a reflection of the drive, passion, energy and professionalism of the members that make up the committee.

Committee members must have the ability to plan, organise and work as a team.
They must have the skills to manage and liaise with other volunteers, the public and external organisations.

If you are interested in becoming part of the committee and drive the direction of the organisation or just want more information, please send an email to

Constitutional Officer Bearers


The President will give direction and inertia to the formulation and achievement of the association’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and goals.

They will chair all meetings, will represent the association when formal representation is required and have general supervision of all business and affairs of the association. The President will ensure the committee has respectful discussion and provide equal opportunity for members to be heard as well as deal with all disciplinary issues if they arise.


The Treasurer will be responsible personally or by delegation for the collection of all association monies, the payment of accounts and the maintenance of financial records.

The willingness to use or learn to use the online accounting software known as Xero is essential.

The ability to go onto Xero most days for 5 minutes a day to reconcile transactions is highly desired.


The Secretary will be responsible for general oversight of majority of communications, events, activities, issues and affairs. The Secretary will be responsible for keeping a true record of all meetings of the association as well as ensuring records and documents are properly organised and stored so documents can be easily audited or cross referenced if required. The Secretary will act as the Vice President in the absence of the President.

Other Committee Member Roles

General Member

Will assist the committee in any and all areas as required meeting the purpose of the organisation.

Volunteer Coordinator

The coordinator will be responsible for managing and effectively using volunteers within the organisation. This person will work heavily with all committee members, volunteers and foster carers.

Example Responsibilities
– Process 5-10 volunteer and foster carer applications per week
– Assist finding placements for animals
– Assist finding transport for animals
– Assist finding volunteers for all types of events
– Manage database of volunteers and foster carers
– Manage rosters for the organisation’s Phone and Facebook Page
– Manage the roster and volunteers at Meow Me Cat Cafe
– Recruitment of new volunteers and foster carers

Advanced planning and organisational skills will be required by this person as well as the ability to handle all volunteers in a respected and valued manner.

Ability to use Google Sheets for the management of volunteers regularly is essential.
Processing of volunteer and foster carer applications will require ‘friending’ majority of applicants.

Foster Carer Support Workers

Support workers are allocated to foster carers who are looking after animals for the organisation. Workers are the point of contact for carers and are be responsible for assisting carers with their fosters as well as the ensuring the health and wellbeing of the animals with that person.

Example Responsibilities
– Handle surrender of an animal and transfer to a foster carer
– Provide to carers all the resources needed to foster an animal
– Upload surrender and animal transfer paperwork to the Google Drive
– Organise vet appointments and upload any vet paperwork
– Create adoption contracts and provide to carers
– Assist with adoptions as required
– Upload adoption paperwork and update animal profile on the Google Drive

Planning and organisational skills will be required by this person as well as the ability to handle all volunteers in a respected and valued manner.

Ability to use Google Sheets and Google Drive is essential.

Workers will normally be required to Facebook ‘friend’ foster carers they support

Fundraising and Events Coordinator

The coordinator will be responsible for managing all fundraising initiatives and events with general over site and support by the committee.

Example Events
– Pet Stock Adoption Day
– Work Place Animal Visits
– School Fairs
– Animal Expo
– Quiz Night
– Movie Nights

Example Fundraising
– People’s Choice Credit Union Raffle
– Entertainment Books
– Raffles
– Christmas Calendar / Cards
– Bunnings BBQ

Advanced planning and organisational skills will be required by this person as well as the ability to liaise with other volunteers and external organisations.

Cat Café Coordinator

The coordinator will be responsible for liaising between Paws & Claws Adoptions and the Meow Me Cat Café and ensuring that the agreement made between the two parties is adhered to.

The volunteer coordinator will assist the Cat Café Coordinator as required.

Example Responsibilities
– Rostering, managing, training volunteers at the café.
– Managing animals coming in, residing and leaving / being adopted out from the café.
– Respond to applications to adopt animals from the café and arrange adoption pickup times.
– Process adoption paperwork and update relevant systems when animals are adopted.
– Advertise and do promotions on the FB Page.
– Implement isolation procedures if required.
– Organise vet consults as for animals as needed.
– Ensure the enclosure is clean and food and litter is supplied to the café.

The Cat Café Coordinator has the freedom to delegate out the core responsibilities amongst other volunteers.

Vet Clinic Coordinator

Working with the Foster Care Support Workers and Treasurer, this person will actively track when animals need vet work and coordinate with the Support Workers vet appointments and payments to vet clinics.

Example Responsibilities
– Track when animal vaccinations and desexing vet work is due
– Work with Support Workers who will request bookings on behalf of carers
– Book appointment at a vet clinic
– Make payment to a vet clinic
– Reconcile vet payments in the accounting system

Advanced planning and organisational skills will be required by this person as well as the ability to liaise with other volunteers and external organisations.

The ability to use make regular phone calls during the week to clinics between 8am and 6pm is essential as is being competent in the use of Google Sheets and Google Calendar for the management of appointments and animals.

Information Communication Technology Officer

The officer will be responsible for setup, management and training of communication and information technology within the organisation.

They will be responsible for all online presence aspects as well as providing and producing media and materials for any events or activities.

Public Officer

Will act as the official point of contact for the incorporated association and one of the authorised signatories.

Membership Officer

Will be responsible for the registration of all members of Paws & Claws Adoptions Inc., as well as the maintenance of the membership database.