Harriet’s Diary, Thursday 18/12/2015

Dear Diary – it’s been a little while since my last entry. I’m still hanging out in my foster carer’s hideaway but occasionally, as you can see, I am distracted by the sudden appearance of a smaller version of myself. I believe these aliens are called kittens and that I was one once, but of course that was some time ago. Though I must admit I never remember being quite that silly. There are a few kittens here and I’m keen for them to find some homes so they stop bothering me. I think that I might be ready to find a home too soon, but I need somewhere a little quieter with none of these little aliens running around disturbing my morning nap. Can you help me out by adopting one of these little critters?  I received a text message from William this morning to say that there are also a lot of these furry things at the Centre disturbing him, so he’s keen for you to adopt a few too.

Harriet and Charli20151218_095732