Happy Home Update: Winston

1 YEAR HAPPY HOME UPDATE – WINSTON. I am happy to report that the first year with my new servants has been adequate. They continue to provide me with the essentials including appetizing food, a second story outdoor deck to lounge on and gaze out into my grounds and sufficient exercise rooms (i.e. entire house) to sprint around. However, most importantly, they have realised that a 10 year old distinguished gentleman like myself requires a good 22 hours of relaxation time each day. This of course can only be done in the finest of spaces. As such, they continue to provide me with “down caves” or soft blankets to snuggle into. The male servant annoyingly continues to whinge about the loss of his prized down sleeping bag and down coat but I of course ignore this and snuggle in further. While my previous life was filled in outdoor pursuits, I am more than happy with my current indoor retirement home and the servants are pleasantly surprised that I can’t be bothered bolting for open doors. They are also astonished that I don’t rouse them for breakfast and that I am content to laze quietly until they awaken. All in all, this residence and the accoutrements continue to suit me and I am satisfied with the current arrangements. (NOTE FROM SERVANTS: Winston is a delightful addition to our family – thank you Paws and Claws!).