Mačka (aka Jazzy) Home Update!

First off, Jazzy name has changed as I have a cousin named Jazzy and it was all going to be too confusing! I have named her Mačka, which is cat in Croatian.

She is so ridiculously wonderful. We are already the best of friends and spend hours hanging out, cuddling on the couch, and talking/meowing at each other!
Only last night I was crying because I love her so very much and am so grateful that she is in my life.

She hasn’t been a year yet, and she is very comfortable in her new home, it’s like she’s always been here, and we’ve always been together. We have perfectly matched temperaments.

She’s currently on the couch beside me having a nap while I try to write a uni assignment.

She really has changed my life in the best way possible and I really do thank your foster carer for bringing her up so well.

My instagram is kate_marlais if you want to see more pictures.

I hope more people do adopt and share the same happiness that Mačka has brought into my life.