Omlet Walk-In Cat Run Review

Walk-In Cat Run

Outdoor access for cats is a great way to keep them fit, healthy and mentally stimulated, however they are exposed to dangers like getting sick, being hit by a car, fighting with other cats, and they also endanger the lives of the native wildlife.

Cat runs are a popular way to keep cats safe while also allowing them access to the outdoors. Omlet Australia sell outdoor cat runs and have kindly provided Paws & Claws Adoptions with their Walk-In Cat Run Enclosure.

The following review looks at our experience over the last few months using this enclosure on our cat adoption days.

Website & Customisation

All Omlet products are ordered through their website which is user friendly and when ordering a cat run, it allows you to easily select different styles and allows you to customise an enclosure that will suit your needs.

Packaging & Delivery

The enclosure we received was packaged securely, it arrived in multiple boxes which was slightly inconvenient but the full enclosure was delivered to the right address safely, with the correct model and customisations.


Surprisingly, despite the size of the Walk-In enclosure, it is compact, relatively light weight and is versatile too. It easily fits into a shed or in a car with a decent amount of boot space.

Assembly and Deconstruction

The first time setting up the enclosure took us just under two hours with two people. We found the instructions were easy to understand, though it took some time to unpack and sort out the pieces from the boxes.

The panels, poles, and clips all come together easily, but can be a little fiddly at first. Connecting the panels to poles is done using custom design clips that click in easily to assemble the enclosure.

The clips are durable, UV treated and should last many years. More can be purchased separately if needed.

Setting up the enclosure for our adoption days now takes roughly thirty minutes and dismantling takes fifteen minutes.

Safety Concerns

Our only concern with this enclosure has been the upper panels and roof have large gaps between the bars which are wide enough for kittens under six months to put their head through. For small kittens, it’s possible for them to get their heads stuck in the gap if they try to escape. We addressed this issue by securing some netting over the upper panels. The lower panels did not require netting as they have smaller gaps.

Pros & Cons

The doors on this Hi-Rise type of enclosure are very secure and close naturally as gravity pulls the lock down which is convenient if anyone forgets to push the latch down and makes sure the cats inside are always secure no matter who enters or leaves. It also makes it easy to throw in toys or blankets quickly which is one of the unique features of Omlet brand enclosures.

The Walk-In is both a large and tall enclosure leaving lots of space for a litter tray, a cat tree, lots of bedding and whatever else you would like to put inside. It is adjustable, works well on our adoption day and we think it would also work great for backyard or porch type environments too. It may not work so well if you only have a small space though.

Omlet enclosures are made of steel, which means they are not as cost-effective as some other enclosures, but this does make them safer and more suitable for outdoor environments in the long term. Both the Walk-In and other enclosures by Omlet are also extendable which is good for use in varied event areas.


The Walk-In Cat Enclosure made by Omlet is a versatile and easy to assemble cat run. It is a durable product that is value for money. We would highly recommend their walk-in enclosure to anyone interested in an outdoor cat run.

For more information on Omlet’s Outdoor Cat Run or other products, please see their website