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Rachel Challenor


Meet Dora Hello ! My name is Dora and like my name, I’m an explorer 👍 I was a street cat up to recently but I am so happy to now have humans to cuddle and play with. I am four months old and still small. I love to cuddle next to you and I will follow you in bed. I can sleep the whole night cuddled with you if you let me! My fur has a beautiful dark chocolate colour and is very soft ❤️ I purr like a machine and I love knitting on soft fabrics until I fall asleep. I’m very easy going and will be fine with children and other cats. Untested with dogs. I’m microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated also desexed. Come visit me at my foster family’s house in Kings Park. Ad ID:A0437 Adoption Fee: $200 If you would like to express your interest for Dora, please complete an application with the link below: Back to Cats for Adoption Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Meet Bella Can you be Bella’s fairytale ending? Like the character Bella Swan this Bella is reserved at first, spontaneously enthusiastic and has a trusting nature. She is becoming quiet in the home learning that calmness gets you the better rewards, and she thrives being cuddled up next to you or near you on her own bed. She adores her foster brothers and sisters however just as Bella’s character in Twilight she is torn between 2 men here in her foster mum’s home, she becomes the annoying little sister that you love to hate but hate to love! She would do well in a home with another friendly playful dog who would love some rough and tumble too. Bella will require additional training on lead as she becomes frustrated, however off lead she is good with most dogs she meets. Natural instinct is strong in Bella and for this reason she would be better not placed in a home with cats or smaller animals unless it can be micromanaged, luckily she is no shape shifter and can be easily distracted with cheese and hot dogs. Bella would be better in a home with older children as she has 2 speed …


Meet Ellie My name is Ellie (A0416) although I do prefer Miss Ellie and I am a 6½ year old classy lady. All I really want is life is love and affection, a warm snuggly place to rest and good food to keep me well. I will tolerate other cats but really I would prefer a home where I will be the centre of the world. Due to my lovely fair complexion, I must live indoors only, but of course that is the safest place to be anyway. I am a quite and dignified lady of impeccable style and standards. If you think you can keep me in the style to which I wish to be accustomed, please come and meet me at Sassy’s Cat Café and Adoption Centre. My adoption fee is $90 which really is a bargain for a new best friend. Ellie has been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated. If you would like to express your interest for Ellie, please complete an application with the link below: Back to Cats for Adoption Thursday, July 29, 2021

Jimi Hendrix

Meet Jimi Hendrix My name is Jimi Hendrix (A0406) but you may call me Lord James, Earl of Catbridge. I am a man of many years’ of experience and am now at the very respectable age of 10 years and 10 months. I am a very dignified British gentleman with no time for riff raff. I enjoy holding court in my gentlemen’s club, partaking in a bowl of fine Scotch Whiskery and a platter of freshly prepared meats and fish (or a high quality kibble). I don’t particularly enjoy the company of small cat children and the company of my own kind (refined and debonair) are what I like best. I will tolerate my personal valet attending to grooming but only in small sittings. I am awaiting my new accomodations and servants at Sassy’s Cat Café and Adoption Centre and will be conducting interviews by appointment. My moving costs (adoption fee) are $150. Jimi has been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated. If you would like to express your interest for Jimi Hendrix, please complete an application with the link below: Back to Cats for Adoption Sunday, August 1, 2021


Hello! I’m Nick. A0073 I am a 7 month old tabby boy. I love having my own space but once I get to know you, you’ll be on call for Patting Duty! I love playing with toys! Something dangling on a string always captures my attention! Then there’s pom poms that need to be captured and ping pong balls to be batted then chased and batted again! I love chilling out with my peeps while watching Netflix. I claim their most comfiest chair but that’s okay – they can find another seat! 😸 I’m also happy to snuggle next to the fire on a cool winters night. I am a social cat who is happy to hang out with my foster caregiver’s feline friends. I also like a bowl of cat milk sometimes for a treat! And now that we are on the subject of treats, I’m also partial to creamy treats and Temptations snacks. I’m a good eater of my regular food too. Playful, sweet, shy, and a serious purring machine all combine in this sweetest of cats! Please come and meet me soon! I’m sure we will be great friends! Nick is desexed, vaccinated, flea and worm treated. …


Meet Ninja I’m Ninja and I’m a loveable 16 week old boy who is looking for my forever home. I will be a bit shy to start with but please give me time to find my feet and I will reward you by being the most loving kitten. I will be all over you, purring, laying next to you or curled up on the bottom of your bed if you let me! I have a beautiful fluffy coat and I have the biggest heart. I would prefer a quiet indoor home but have coped well with older children and a cat in my foster home. I also enjoy playing with pipe cleaners and other toys. Im desexed ,vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. I’m also litter box trained. I live in Port Noarlunga South with my foster family. We have recently celebrated Xmas in July. I think I’m going to love Xmas, especially the decorations! Adoption Fee $190 AD ID (A0294) If you would like to express your interest for Ninja, please complete an application with the link below: Back to Cats for Adoption Tuesday, August 3, 2021


Meet Ellie Sometimes it’s the smallest things that take up the most room in our hearts. This sweet little kitten will live up to this very sentiment & completely fill the hearts of her new family with all her love & affection. Ellie is 11 weeks old and is looking for a quiet, doting home to call her own. She is a gentle little soul that prefers human interaction over that with other animals and prefers to be with her family as much as possible. Ellie has flourished in her foster home & relies on having somebody home to keep her company. She has the ideal personality for somebody seeking a devoted companion to stay by your side & loves to be carried or sleep on your lap. Ellie is evidently the baby in her foster home & although this tiny little miss is by far the smallest in the litter, she will make herself known to her humans by pressing herself in front of her siblings to be showered with love first. Ellie has a very plush coat & delicate features, everything about this sweet little girl says that she is a kitten to be admired & cherished. She …


Meet Cruz I’ve done my time, I’ve been through lockdown & I can tell you, I’m the kind of kitten that will make you want to stay home even when you don’t have to! Cruz (11 weeks old) is a laid back little guy with a very relaxed nature. Although he is quite shy, when he is around his foster family, he melts into their arms & relishes in the moments just spent together as a family. This gentle little boy does not seek his independence by any means and would prefer to be in a home where his family are close by or there is another social cat at home to play with. Cruz is a very placid kitten & due to his quieter nature, would prefer a home with older children. He likes to explore his surroundings in his own time & will look to you for affection in the evening when he is ready to snuggle up on a warm lap. During the day, Cruz will remain close by & quietly observe. He has excellent kitten manners & his favourite thing to do is curl up on his foster mum’s bed to enjoy the morning sun. This …

Ginger & Megs

Introducing Ginger A0061 and Megs A0062! Hi we’re Ginger and Megs – get it – we go together. We were found living rough on the streets in a semi-rural area and were lucky enough to have been brought into care with Paws & Claws. We had a little trouble adjusting to indoor life and for a while were known as the “liquid” kittens cause we were able to get out of anything and every cage, room or cat run that we were put in. But those days are long gone and we now LOVE the indoor only lifestyle. We are still a work in progress so we will need a very special and loving home to call our own. Here’s a little about each of us: Hi there, I’m Ginger and I’m a very intelligent little man. I can work out exit points and hiddie holes in just about any location I find myself in. As my name indicates, I’m a ginger tabby and currently 9months old. I’ve adjusted to indoor life very well and love having heaps of furry friends around. I LOVE food and will happily sit by your feet and demand snacks and I’m quite vocal at …


Meet Tilly If there was a competition for the cutest kitten then Tilly would be the winner for sure! This gorgeous girl was found on a busy highway when she was just 4 weeks old, and since then has easily worked her way into her foster family’s hearts with her loving and playful personality ❤️ Tilly loves to play with toys, any toys, a piece of paper on the floor is perfect 👌 She also loves to play with cat friends, lots of running and chasing. But when it’s rest time Tilly loves nothing better than to curl up on your lap for a cuddle or by your neck in bed 💤 This little fluff ball is so ready to find her forever home and you are guaranteed to fall in love with her 😍 Tilly is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and worm treated. She is living with her foster family in Reynella East. Adoption fee ID#A0308. Adoption Fee: $200 If you would like to express your interest for Tilly, please complete an application with the link below: Back to Cats for Adoption Sunday, July 11, 2021