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Meet Lemmel 🐱 At a cute age of 14 weeks Lemmel is a sweet, gentle, playful boy who loves to have fun all the time with or without toys. He can be boisterous but also very gentle and affectionate. Unless he is asleep he won’t let you out of his sights for long as he is very inquisitive. Once he has run out of energy you will find him relaxing in his favourite spots. He gets on brilliantly with young kids and is not shy at all around the big dog he shares a home with. With endless cuddles and laughs and striking markings he would suit anyone who values loyalty and love. Lemmel is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated. His adoption fee is $190. He currently living in with foster family at Huntfield Heights. He is strictly indoor only. ID A0234 If you would like to express your interest for Lemmel, please complete an application with the link below: Back to Cats for Adoption Saturday, May 8, 2021


MEET WILLOW Willow is a beautiful Malamute lady entering her senior years turning 7 years old. Willow would suit someone who is home often to keep her company. She loves kids, however is a large dog and would be suited to older children. Willow is not as energetic as she once was, a quick walk around the block and she is happy. She is not a fan of little dogs, cats or pocket pets. Fine with large dogs but would recommend a meet and greet. In true malamute style willow will spend the majority of her day upside down waiting for a belly rub as you walk past. Willow is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and her adoption fee is $450. To apply for Willow, please go to and click A big thank you to SavourLife who are generously offering a FREE bag of SavourLife, all-natural, Australian-made dog food to anyone adopting. *All dogs start out on a 14-day trial period. Adoption fees are to be paid in full when dog is collected for their trial. If for any reason the trial doesn’t work out, the dog can be returned and your adoption fee will be refunded …

Molly & Betty

Meet Molly and Betty – the bonded beauties Due to unavoidable circumstances these two beautiful girls are looking for a new home together! Shy at first these beautiful girls warm up very quickly, with encouragement and yummy treats you’ll have them eating out of your hand in no time. Molly is 3.5 years old and treats 7 month old Betty like her own baby. She is often caught bathing Betty and making sure she is making the best choices in play activities! These girls are bonded and would be best suited in a quiet home with no children or children over the age of 13. Both girls have been raised indoor and need to go to a home where they will be treasured as indoor cats only. Molly & Belly are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated. The adoption fee for both of these cuties is $200 and they are located with their foster mum in Clapham 5062. If you would like to express your interest for Molly & Betty, please complete an application with the link below: Back to Cats for Adoption Saturday, April 17, 2021


Meet Dotti Hi all this is Dotti she is a sweet gentle soul at 5 months old. She came into care with her two sisters Ember and Jasper who are equally as sweet. Dotti likes to play games with the others running and jumping over them. She really enjoys any of her toys that make a sound. Dotti in her sweet nature likes to seek out a quiet space as a nice place to hide and sleep until ready to play again. Dotti is ultimately looking for a home that can reflect her personality happy to play and happy for a quiet space. she is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated. Dotti is for an inside only home. located: Dover Gardens 5048 adoption fee: $190 If you would like to express your interest for Dotti, please complete an application with the link below: Back to Cats for Adoption Saturday, April 17, 2021


Meet Jasper Jasper is our adventurer at 5 months old this little one loves to explore. Jasper enjoys her cat company and has bonded with one of out other rescues Zander the two of them often play together. Japer will need a patient family as she will take time to settle in a new home but once she’s comfortable she out like a rocket here there and everywhere. Japer needs a family that can give her time to build a bond with them and a place to adventure like a really cool cat tree. she will be a great source of entertainment for any family. she is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated. Jasper is for an indoor home only. located: Dover Garden 5048 Adoption fee: $190 If you would like to express your interest for Jasper, please complete an application with the link below: Back to Cats for Adoption Saturday, April 17, 2021


Looking for a little lady who deserves to click her ruby slippers and arrive somewhere that’s no place like home? 🧙‍♂️ Then meet beautiful Cuz… ❤️ But why adopt this little lady you ask? Be…cuz whilst a shy girl, she is learning to be brave and beginning to trust people Be…cuz she likes a good chat to start the day Be…cuz she loves to warm your bed for you Be…cuz she cutely eats treats from you hand Be…cuz she loves other cats Be…cuz she deserves unconditional love And of, course, Be…cuz, Be…cuz, Be…cuz, Be…cuz, Be…cuz of the wonderful things she does! 🎶 Cuz is currently living with her foster family in Reynella East. She is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated. Cuz’s adoption fee is $90. If you think can be Cuz’s good fairy and make her wish come true, please complete an application to meet her 🧚‍♀️ For more information, please message our Facebook page or contact us on 0416 364 228 or send an email to SA Breeder DACO110502 Back to Cats for Adoption Sunday, May 2, 2021


Meet Harley Hi my name is Harley! I’m the resident ninja of my foster home. I’m tiny, stealthy and my favourite thing to do is sneak up on you (especially clothing cords) and play. I’m independent but once I get to know you I love to be in your company and petted. I’ll entertain you for hours with my zoomy antics. I’m a 15 week old female and have been living with my sibling who I love to play with so another social cat would be welcome but I’d also be happy having all the attention to myself. If you’d like to meet me I’m located with my carer in Skye. Harley is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated. Adoption Fee is $190 If you would like to express your interest for Harley, please complete an application with the link below: Back to Cats for Adoption Sunday, April 25, 2021


Meet Ducati Hi I’m Ducati, Yep I’m named after a motorbike! My brothers names are Suzuki and Kawaski who are also up for adoption. I bet you can’t guess my Mum’s name – yep Harley. She is the toughest ‘boss’ Mum around and I love her so much. She took a huge risk in order to make sure we were born safely. Being a stray she just sashayed into a stranger’s house and had us under their bed. 😂 Mumma is a little bit over protective, so just over a week ago we were placed in a new foster home so we could gain our independence and get ready for adoption. I have really come out of my shell in this time and I’m absolutely ready to find my forever home. Things I’ve learnt recently; 🐾 Dogs and other big cats are not really scary and can be my friends 🐾 I now know what a TV is and why it’s sometimes loud 🐾 I know that cuddles happen every time the humans are in bed or sitting on the couch 🐾 I don’t like being in a separate room anymore and will bang on the door to get your …


Meet, Figaro. (If you know his namesake, he was made just for you). This handsome guy was rescued from the side of a highway at just six weeks old. All alone, covered in fleas and very hungry. His foster family scooped him up, brought him home and since then he’s grown like a weed! Figaro is a very active, mischievous little teenager. He loves to play and takes it very seriously. If you’re not panting after a play session, did you really play at all?! Balls of paper are his kryptonite and he will catch one, hold it and growl at it to ensure it is well and truely defeated. Figaro isn’t a very cuddly cat. When he’s tired, occasionally, he’ll come over for a snuggle but he mostly like to sleep with his foster dog siblings. So a calm dog, who understands boundaries, would be a perfect companion. He’s untested with cats, but with the proper introduction, I’m sure he’d love a feline friend. As Figaro is a teen, he’s still learning boundaries. He can sometimes get feisty and bite your hand. It doesn’t hurt! It’s just how he’s playing. He’ll need someone to set some good boundaries and …


Introducing Moxie. Hi I’m Moxie, a sweet, shy 1 year old girl looking for her forever home! I hadn’t been around too many humans before moving to my foster home, but I’ve decided that they’re kinda okay. I’m still a little nervous and wary of strangers, I’ll need some safe hiding places at first but I’m learning to be more trusting – it’s probably best that I go to a home without any small kids or boisterous dogs. I’m pretty inquisitive, I love exploring and observing you once I’m a little more comfortable. I’m a great listener too! I love sitting near people while they just tell me about their day. I loveee my toys! They’re definitely the way to my heart, I’ll let you get pretty close if you’re going to throw a ball or dangle a string toy for me. I love having other cats to spend time with. I make friends fast and I’ll chirp and follow them around everywhere. I’m very gentle and I’ve been super tolerant of some cheeky kittens in my foster home. With a bit of patience and understanding from the right people, I’ll make the best laid back companion and would be …