Volunteers & Foster Carers

At Paws and Claws Adoptions we do not have kennels, but instead have Foster Carers.

All our animals are kept in foster homes around Adelaide, in family situations where they can feel safe, loved and get used to a normal routine before being rehomed.
To become a Foster Carer who helps care for animals in their home, please complete the following Foster Care Application Form.

Being a Foster Carer: what do I actually do?

P & C will attempt at all times to work with the individual to place the required animal with the best suitable foster care home. It is ideal that these animals are not unnecessarily moved from one foster to another during their re-homing period if possible. The animal needs to build a level of trust with a carer and it is much easier to do this if in one home to enable a clear personality to emerge so a prospective owner can consider what is suitable.

Some travel can be required to and from vet appointments for de-sexing/vaccination or any illness that may present, especially in an emergency situation. The foster carer is the best person to discuss the animal in care’s requirements, quirks and personality and it would be preferred if they could attend meets with prospective owners to best “sell” the positive traits and help identify suitability for potential homes.

Daily food, attention, basic training, basic grooming and the necessary contact with Paws and Claws executive is a must. Those animals who have recently had surgery, must also have wound sites checked daily and any issues from lack of appetite, change in personality, energy levels etc be communicated to an Executive member/RC/FC at the earliest convenience to enable follow up care if required.

Volunteers can assist in many different ways:

• Foster Caring animals for short periods of time
• Volunteering for Fundraising activities, BBQ’s, Quiz nights
• Assisting at Adoption Weekends
• Transporting animals from foster carers to vet appointments
• Promotions, sponsorship appeals, donation points for collections
• Sharing Facebook status and events

At Paws and Claws we have Volunteers and Foster Carers.

Volunteers are needed to help transporting animals to and from pounds, foster homes, vet appointments and adoption events. We need all sorts of skills; people who feel they can fundraise, help at adoption events or raise awareness about our animals or work are also encouraged to contact us.

To become a Volunteer who helps with general tasks, please complete the following Volunteer Form.