Information for Owners Surrendering Animals

Relinquishing ownership of a cherished pet can be an emotional and challenging experience. Although rehoming with friends or family is preferred, it may not always be possible.

If you must surrender your pet to an organisation, it’s crucial to have transparency regarding their policies and procedures. The following information pertains to Paws & Claws Adoptions and our operation.

Paws & Claws Adoptions is a non-profit rescue organisation in South Australia that is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming cats and dogs. The rescue is entirely run by volunteers, and all donations, fundraising, and adoption fees go towards supporting the animals. The rescue spends over 90% of its income on veterinary care, food, and litter.

Upon surrendering your pet to Paws & Claws Adoptions, we endeavour to find a new home for them. A $50 surrender fee is applicable, which goes towards supporting their rescue efforts. If you can provide a foster home for your pet until they are adopted and meet their conditions as a foster carer, the fee will be waived. This option allows you to help your pet find a new loving home while supporting the rescue’s work.

The adoption fee for cats and kittens is often at a loss to the rescue, particularly if they are sick. The rescue can only continue its work with the support of the community and its fundraising efforts.

For dogs, the adoption fees vary depending on the individual dog. If there is any margin recouped from the adoption of a dog, the funds go towards supporting the health or behavioural needs of other dogs, or to offset losses incurred by the rescue to help cats and kittens.

Paws & Claws Adoptions ensures that any animal surrendered to them receives quality care. The animals are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, and treated for fleas and worms before being put up for adoption. Any necessary health, grooming, or behavioural needs are addressed as required.

To ensure that the animals find the right home, they are typically placed into foster homes where they receive love, attention, and socialisation. Foster families help assess the animal’s personality, behaviour, and needs to ensure they find a suitable forever home.

Paws & Claws Adoptions has a detailed screening process for potential adopters to ensure that the animals are placed in responsible and loving homes. If an adopter can no longer care for the animal, the rescue offers a lifetime return policy, subject to placement availability.

It’s worth noting that Paws & Claws Adoptions has a strict policy on euthanasia, which highlights the rescue’s commitment to animal welfare.

Euthanasia Policy

In summary, if you need to surrender your pet to Paws & Claws Adoptions, rest assured that we provide excellent care and work tirelessly to find your pet a loving and caring forever home.

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