Emma’s Rescue Story

In memory of Deborah Treherne and Em (Emma).

Deborah was a beautiful loving, kind hearted soul who sadly passed away 10th of June 2021.

Deb was a volunteer at Paws & Claws Adoptions where she helped with fundraising, running the cat cafΓ© and who opened her heart to cats Emma and Knightly.

I only met Deb a few times, but when I did meet her, she was that sort of person who just gave off this lovely warm vibe. I am truly saddened that the world has lost such a wonderful soul and to me she was a true hero rescuing and giving feral Emma so much kindness, love and turning her into a domestic cat.

Emma’s rescue story was only made possible because of people like Deborah. I hope Emma’s journey below inspires you, because I was inspired and she made me believe that we can help any cat when we have carers as compassionate as her onboard.

Devastatingly on the 19th June 2021, Emma was diagnosed with a tumour that had spread throughout her body. Emma and Deborah will now be laid to rest together and have their souls reunited over that rainbow bridge.

If you are interested in helping give cats a temporary or even permanent home, please don’t hesitate to sign up as a foster carer using this link http://tiny.cc/pcfoster
We provide you with food, litter, cover vet costs and two support workers to help support you.

Knightly has now been adopted by Denise.

On behalf of Paws & Claws Adoptions, our condolences to Deb’s family.

  • Emma Surrendered to Paws & Claws

    Emma hisses at people and will be most suited as a working cat / shed cat.
    Has been removed from her kittens as she has been a bad influence on them.
    She is scared, likes dark, small spaces. Can be patted if cornered.


    EMMA is a street cat who is about a year old and is new to the adoption centre. Her personality can be described as a cat that likes a quiet corner by herself with her own space. She is slow to warm, and will allow you to pat her when her mood suits.

    EVERYONE needs LOVE and Emma is no exception, she really needs an owner who can love her, spend time to be with her and understand the difficult life she had grown up on the streets.
    If you think you can help Emma, please come by and visit her.

    Emma’s adoption fee is $40, she is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

  • Welcome to your new Foster Home Emma

    This is Emma (she’s in there i promise! ) she will be staying with me in foster care for a while as she was having trouble settling into the adoption centre with all the activity. Poor darling is so scared, hopefully with time and love in a quiet environment she will get used to human contact so she can be adopted into her ‘furever’ home. Hopefully i will have a proper photo soon

  • Week One

    Its been a week now since Emma come to stay with me in foster care, she’s eating well, using her litter tray and coming out at night to explore. I still haven’t been able to touch her or entice her out of her hiding spot when I’m home. Hopefully we will have progress soon, she is such a sweet little girl

  • Can’t Find Her!

    Ok I give up!!! I have searched the house top to bottom inside, behind, on top of, underneath, in between everything in every room of the house and still cant find Emma!! She has been in hiding for 3 days now – she comes out at night to eat & use the litter tray then disappears during the day. I’ve used my dowsing crystal, prayed to St Anthony & St Ann and still nothing!! Any suggestions greatly appreciated

  • Two Months

    Emma’s been with me 2 months now with very little progress, she won’t let me near her and only comes out at night to eat and use her litter

  • Wine and Dine

    OK, cat purr meditation cd, roast chicken, cat nip and a cosy cushion for Emma, glass of wine for me – lets see where this afternoon takes us!!

  • Breakthrough!

    We have an Emma breakthrough!! I was lying in bed awake around 1.30am when Emma jumped on the bed and walked up to my face, she let me scratch her on the neck before she jumped down! Good girl Emma!

  • Peekaboo!

    Peekaboo!! Emma having a sticky beak – I think she can smell the roast cooking!

  • Slowly Coming Out

    Emma is slowly coming out of her shell and is now happy to sit in her scratch pole cubby (which she hasn’t done since coming to stay with me 2 months ago) she’s a shy but sweet little girl

  • Music Makes the Heart Purr

    Well it appears we have progress! On the weekend I started playing a meditation cd in her room – Elizabeth Peru’s Purr Meditation & put it on repeat so it was a continous contented cat purr. Yesterday for the first time since the day she arrived here 2 months ago she went back into her scratch pole cubby (which is very vunerable as i can corner her in there) and stayed there while i talked to her, then tonight when i got home from work i found her under my bed (she normally hides in her room when she hears the key in the door) So now when I’m home the cd is on continuous play and we’ll see what happens!!!

  • Watching Me

    Good morning Miss Emma! She’s been sitting there watching me for the last ten minutes!!

  • Twice in One Day!!

    Woohoo!! Twice in one day!!

  • Wonderful Start to the Weekend

    What a wonderful start to the weekend! Emma let me creep up to within a metre before retreating behind the bookcase

  • A Feather

    I tried to entice Emma to play with me last night with a feather dangling from a long stick – she totally ignored me and turned her head away so I left a feather on the floor in the middle of the room. This morning the it seemed to find its way into her hidy box! Guess we are halfway there!

  • Emma has excelled herself over the last few days

    Well Emma has excelled herself over the last few days – she has adjusted quickly to her food now being situated in the kitchen (rather than in her room), her litter tray has now been removed from the lounge room, and she has gradually been emerging while I’m around! Last night in the middle of the night when i was half asleep she jumped on my bed came up to my face and gently touched it with her paw before jumping over me onto the floor – she did this twice! Then this morning when i was putting my makeup on, i was contemplating if last nights encounter was real or a dream, i felt someone looking at me & turned around to find Emma sitting in the middle of her bedroom doorway in plain sight watching me!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!! Next step touchies!!!

  • Adopted!

    Well its official – Emma is now a permanent member of this household!! To celebrate this event and to symbolize a new beginning for her I have changed her name to “Indy” (short for Miss Independent). I know we still have a long way to go, but I have faith that we’ll get there eventually!!

  • OMG!!!

    OMG!! I just walked into Emma’s room to find her sitting out in the open on the cushion in her basket!! She ran & hid as soon as she saw me, but its the first time I’ve seen her sitting out in the open! Roast chicken reward for Emma!

  • Still Won’t Let Me Touch Her

    Hi Kane, thought you would like an update on Emma (now known as Miss Indy – short for Miss Independent). Although she still wont let me touch her, she is really coming out of her shell and I frequently run into her around the house. The patience is paying off!

    She watches me all of the time, she has her favourite vantage points around the house and I’m always feeling eyes on me!

  • Finally Physical Contact!

    I’m glad to announce that I have finally made physical contact with Indy (aka Emma) she lets me scratch her behind the ear for 10-15 mins each day – I have to wear a sock on my hand and she stays under the lounge but progress is progress! Its been nearly 12 months since she came to live with me so its been a long slow process but totally worth it – she’s a beautiful girl and I love having her in my life.

  • Name Change from Indy to Em

    Last night Indy & I had a beautiful healing by the amazing Linda from Balanced Animal Spiritual Therapy. It was very insightful and very calming.
    One of the outcomes is that Indy will be having another name change to Em – its funny that I used to call her that before because Emma didn’t seem right. It will be very interesting to see what unfolds over the coming weeks.

  • Out in the Open

    Last week I treated Em to a distance healing with an animal healer and last we had a BREAKTHROUGH!!!! For nearly 2 hours Em sat in the open in the lounge room watching tv while I sat on the floor in the hallway watching her (both within full view of each other) then she amazed me by walking into the hallway to eat her chicken before strolling right in front of me to go to bed!! This is amazing!!! A huge thank you to Linda from Balanced Animal Spiritual Healing for your assistance you are a Legend!

  • Little Brother for Em

    I think I’ve found a potential little brother for Em – Midnight is a gorgeous little boy who will be coming for a sleepover next weekend to see how they get along.

  • Say Hello

    What a great day! Just came home to find this!!! I think Midnight has found his permanent new home Kane

  • Black Friend

    Midnight has settled in well – we have changed his name to Mr Knightly. Emma hasnt interacted with him yet, but she is very patient and tolerant of him and I’m sure she will eventually love him as much as I do. She went off her food for a couple of weeks but she’s now eating well again.

  • Flowers

    I was enjoying a coffee & reading the paper after shopping this morning when Em decided to come out and do some exploring!! Usually I would chase the cats off the benches but I made an exception this time!

  • Major Developments

    I’ve had some major developments with Em over the last couple of months, shes now coming out for meals everyday and spending most of her time out in the open. Its taken 21 months to get this far but well worth it as she’s a beautiful little cat now.
    She’s really part of the family πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— Love you Miss Em!!

  • ESCAPED!!!

    Emma has escaped!
    LOST: Em, Cat, ROYAL PARK 9/10/17
    Will be very scared and hides away from people.

  • CATastrophe has Ended Well and Em is Safely Inside

    Em has returned home by herself!! Pretty good for an ex street cat who won’t let anyone touch her!!

    Well my latest CATastrophe has ended well and Em is safely inside. Thank you for everyone’s help and good wishes. I’m pleased in a way that it happened – it was proof that all my love and patience paid off and she decided herself that she wanted to live with me.

  • Carpet Capers

    It looks like Emma had fun in my lounge room last night!! Found my rug like this when i got up this morning – it looks like shes getting more confident in her surroundings – just wish she would get more confident around me!

  • Roles Reversed

    Haha roles are reversed tonight – Miss Em is hiding in the bushes & Mr K is sitting at the door watching!

  • A Street Cat with Champagne Taste

    Miss Em has been a bit finicky with her food lately so I thought I would give her a xmas treat of smoked salmon – this is her third serving!! A street cat with champagne taste lol!

  • Greetings!

    My beautiful little fur family waiting for me when I got home tonight – the question is do they miss me or are they waiting for their dinner?
    I suspect the latter lol!

  • First Meow!

    OMG! I just got my very first full voice MEOW from Em!! She’s been giving me some soft little chirps for a few months now but this just brought tears to my eyes!!

  • What a Fabulous Start to the Day!

    What a fabulous start to the day! I was just getting Miss Em’s breakfast and wondered what that noise was at my feet – it was Miss Em purring loud and clear!!!! OMG! Its taken 2 and a half years!!!
    Only one more milestone to go (for me to handle her) and we have a totally rehabilitated cat!! I’m so proud of you Miss EmπŸ’œ

  • First Time Ever!

    For the last couple of months Miss Em has allowed me to give her a scratch on her back, and gradually let me move up to her neck – then tonight we had another first! For the first time ever she came & sat at my feet to enjoy the heater – what a champ!! I love you Miss Em πŸ˜»πŸ’–πŸ˜»

  • Cat Fur!

    As its such a beautiful day, I thought I would wash the blanket I use to protect my new lounge from the cats (Em has chosen it as her fav sleeping place) To my horror, when I uncovered it, the lounge & my expensive throw rug were covered in cat fur 😑 it seems that not only does Em sit on top of it, she also gets under the blanket to hide!

  • Just One Last Fear to Conquer

    This was when Miss Em first showed signs of socialising, she’s come so far in the past year (and 3 yrs in total)
    She’s now a little social butterfly and loves to be a part of the action!
    The only fear she has left to conquer is of being held – but I’m sure we will get there eventually! Love you Miss Em 😻😻

  • Locked Out!

    Last night it was so hot that Mr K decided to sleep outside. When I went to let him in early this morning I got a shock to find not Mr K sitting under the back verandah, but Miss Em! I had accidentally locked her outside all night!! I’m sooo proud of her that she stayed close by and didn’t wander away or be led astray by Mr K – I’m going to have to double check in future!!

  • Foot Lick

    OMG!!! I just enjoyed the most delicate foot kiss/lick from the gorgeous Miss Em – this is the first time she has ever initiated contact with me!!! πŸ˜»πŸ’–πŸ˜»πŸ’–πŸ˜»πŸ’–

  • Exploring the Garden

    Miss Em decided to explore the garden this morning while Mr K was taking a nap. She spent a whole hour out there exploring every nook & cranny – it was sooo beautiful seeing her take another step forward….until K woke up!! Then the stand off began!

  • Turn the Heater On

    Do you think Miss Em is waiting for me to turn the heater on?

  • Not So Innocent

    Don’t let this sweet innocent little face fool you – I just put some snacks down for Mr K and she ran over, chased him away and gobbled them all up!
    I think I’ll have to change her name to Queen Em

  • Chook on the Loose!

    I just heard weird noise in my backyard and went out to investigate – there’s Miss Em having a Mexican stand off with chook!!!
    Funny thing is that the usually brave Mr K was watching the whole thing from the lounge room window!
    I managed to get Em back inside, but now I’ve got a chook on the loose in the backyard 😲

  • Miss Em Finally Sat on My Lap!!!

    Woohoo!!! We have a breakthrough!! Miss Em finally sat on my lap!!!
    It was a bit painful with her kneading me with her long nails but well worth it πŸ’–πŸ˜»

  • Miss Em the Matriarch

    So Miss Em has taken her status of Matriarch of the household to the next level.
    Today she decided to take over my footstool as her throne and tonight she scoffed down my toast!!
    Between Mr K & Miss Em I think I’m just a boarder in my own house lol πŸ€”

  • A Lady

    Not very lady like Miss Em!

  • Pottering Around in the Garden

    What a beautiful lazy day – Mr K had a long cozy nap in the bay window, while Miss Em & I enjoyed pottering around in the garden painting palm pods πŸ˜»πŸŒ΄πŸ’€

  • Playful Fluff

    I think Miss Em’s gone a bit stir crazy tonight, she’s been running around like a crazy cat chasing invisible things and bits of fluff! It’s so good to see her playful!



  • Greetings

    I think Miss Em has enjoyed having me at home this past week – I just went out to get some petrol and when I got home she flew off the cat tower and ran full speed down the hallway to greet me πŸ’–
    She’s been following me around like a shadow all week and when I sit down to watch tv she’s right there at my feet wanting a pat 😻

  • Just 10 Seconds

    Yes!!! That is Miss Em sitting next to me on the lounge! Mind you it only lasted for 10 seconds but you got to start somewhere πŸ˜€
    I hope she doesn’t feel abandoned when I go back to work tomorrow.

  • Cat Training

    Over the weekend I’ve been continuing to train Miss Em to sit next to me on the couch, she’s been doing really well staying 5-10 seconds at a time & tonight she joined me on the chaise lounge – hopefully it won’t be long before she’s confident enough to cuddle up next to me (end goal – lap cat lol)

  • Lap Sitting

    Miss Em has really got the hang of lap sitting, she really makes herself at home!

  • Smooching Soon!

    Em’s slowly creeping up my body getting closer to my face – we’ll be smooching soon lol

  • Halloween

    Miss Em decided to join Mr K for Halloween – she’s just a little more conservative with her costume!

  • Footsies

    Miss Em playing footsies with me 🧑

  • We Have Lift Off!

    Breakthrough!!! Miss Em just let me lift her up off the floor! It was only about 6 inches but it was a start!

  • The Big Move

    The gold star of the day must go to Miss Em, I was very nervous how we would go getting here, but when I went to collect her she was curled up in her cat carrier, purring away, all I had to do was zip her up! 😻
    Mr Knightly on the other hand took a bit more convincing, but we’re all here now getting used to our new surrounds πŸ™‚

  • Exploring the New Garden

    The cats have been locked up inside now for a week so I thought I’d let them explore their new backyard & get some fresh air.
    Miss Em confidently had a walk around and went right to the back of the yard before heading back inside after 5 minutes. Mr K was more cautious with 2 x 2 minute looks before heading inside. I’ll try them again tomorrow.

  • Thief

    From the first day we moved into this new house, I’ve noticed a distinct change in Miss Em’s behavior, she’s much more confident, and acting like she owns the place! She’s always been such a well behaved cat, never ever doing anything she shouldn’t – except for this morning when I came out to find the bread on the floor with chunks out of it and Em sitting next to it just looking at me! What has happened to my sweet good girl???πŸ€”β˜»

  • My Bed

    It took me 5 years to get Em into my bed, now I can’t get her off!

  • Some Climbing

    OMG Em just climbed our tree for the first time!! Mind you she did it with such confidence I suspect shes climbed a few trees during her early days on the streetsπŸ€” Lucky Mr K wasn’t around to see her

  • Happy 5 Year Anniversary

    Happy 5 year anniversary Miss Em! You’ve come such a long way from a traumatized emotionless feral kitty to the most loving, devoted lapcat, I’m so glad you came into our lives 🧑

  • Some Weeding in the Garden

    Miss Em watching over me while I do the weeding

  • Deborah Treherne πŸ’”πŸ˜­

    Deborah Treherne unexpectedly passed away peacefully on Thursday 10th June 2021.

    She will be sorely missed by all.

    Her babies, Em and Mr K are now sadly orphans and are back with Paws & Claws Adoptions.

    Thank you for taking the time to hear this story that is not only about Emma, but also about Deb and who she was too.

  • Reunited over the Rainbow Bridge

    Emma was brought back into the care of Angela at Paws & Claws Adoptions, she didn’t hiss, and even accepted a bit of a pat.

    Devastatingly a vet check revealed she had a tumor and that it had spread throughout Emma’s body.

    Emma and Deborah will now be laid to rest together and have their souls reunited over that rainbow bridge.

  • Mr K (Knightly)

    Knightly is now alone and looking for some love, kindness and a new furever home, if you are interested in adopting him, please complete message us.


  • Mr K (Knightly) Adopted by Denise β™₯️

    Denise: Introducing Mr K who belonged to a sista before she sadly and suddenly passed away, Deb will be happy in heaven knowing he’s landed in a safe place, he’s in laundry right now so I can slowly introduce him to the house, we will take it one day at a time, we’ve already had a cuddle β™₯️🌷


    On behalf of Paws & Claws Adoptions, we wish to thank Denise for taking Mr K into her family and put out a big thank you to Angela who fostered Mr K for the last few months.