Ruff – Happy Home Update

Just wanted to let you know that Ruff has settled in very well to life in his new family and community.

The 14 day trial period is up today, and I just wanted to let you know that there is no way I would ‘send him back’.

He is such a character and has bonded strongly with Toby and me. He was even in the local paper this week for attending the Anzac Day ceremony to pay tribute to dogs and animals who have served in the wars. I have attached some photos of Ruff. Very blessed to have adopted Ruff!

We love him.

Thank you.

Lovely to hear from you.

You do an amazing job and I am forever grateful to being able to now have Ruffy in my life.

Here are some more photos for you to see how much loved Ruffy is and how well he is settling in to his new life.

One with Toby, the photo from the Penola Pennant and his volunteer badge.

He is now a volunteer at the local hospital. He has a special gift of standing still and loving to be patted and stroked and he is perfect as a hospital visitor.

He has visited the aged care settings at the hospital twice now and brings smiles to many of the residents. He is a love machine!